ZX-44XL - Touchscreen Liquid Fuel Analyzer

For Accurate Measurement or Sophisticated Research

    Windows Tablet-based Interface
      Built in Printer
        Built in Calibration Software
          Reliable, Solid State Design
            Patented, Proven Technology

The ZX-44XL Can be calibrated for:
    Gasoline (Standard)
      Ethanol Blended Fuels (Standard)
        Diesel Fuel
          Biodiesel Fuel
            And More

The ZX-44XL Liquid Fuel Analyzer provides accurate analysis of liquid fuel to help you monitor quality andmaximize profitability.


press measure

insert the sample

view the results

results also printed

Turn on the ZX-44XL and press the measure button

Insert the sample, cover, and press the measure button

Follow the on-screen instructions until the results are displayed.

The results are also printed to the built-in printer

Results in about 30 seconds


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