Customer Satisfaction Program

Zeltex believes in supplying the customer with the best product available, not only today, but in the future. The Zeltex Customer Satisfaction Program allows you to upgrade your Zeltex analyzer for the newest models.

This upgrade program is designed to provide you with the most value in NIR grain analyzers, petroleum analyzers, and food analyzers available today. Anytime during the first three years of ownership of a Zeltex analyzer, you can trade your analyzer in on a new Zeltex analyzer and receive 50% credit for what you paid for your analyzer, regardless of condition.

In addition, any analyzers over three years old can be traded in for a $2500 credit towards new Zeltex analyzers for as long as you own the analyzer.

The Zeltex Customer Satisfaction Program is available only to the original purchaser of the Zeltex analyzer.

If you need more information concerning the Customer Satisfaction Program, please contact S. Chris Anders, Director of Sales and Service.

Chris Anders, Director of Sales