Customer Satisfaction Program

Zeltex analyzers come with a manufacturer's warranty of one year for parts and labor that covers anything that goes wrong with the analyzer that isn't caused by an act of God, or "stupidity". Acts of God: fire, flame, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc. "Stupidity" is driving over them with a car, dropping them off a 3rd-story building, submersing them under water, etc.

In addition to the original warranty, an extended warranty can be purchased annually for your Zeltex analyzer for as long as you own the analyzer. The extended warranty covers all parts, labor and shipping from the Zeltex facility to your address by normal UPS. The extended warranty completely covers your Zeltex analyzer under the same conditions as the original warranty. There would be no surprise repair bills.

If you would like to add the extended warranty on your analyzer that is out of warranty, this may be possible. Please contact Zeltex to discuss what is necessary to extend your warranty today.

Zeltex is committed to customer satisfaction, and looks forward to working with you today, tomorrow and in the future.

Sincerely yours,
Todd C. Rosenthal
Zeltex, LLC.

If you need more information on the Zeltex, LLC. Warranty Program, please contact S. Chris Anders, Director of Sales and Service.
Chris Anders, Director of Sales