Portable Whole Grain Analyzer for Protein, Moisture and Oil in Whole Grain

Line of Whole Grain and Grain Meal Analyzers
  • 45 second analysis time
  • For analysis of protein, Moisture, Oil in most whole grains and meal
  • Starch available for some grains
  • Able to be calibrated for up to 10 grains

For use on the farm, in the field, elevators, research labs, seed breeders and buyers

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Solid State Optical System Yes
80 gram sample size Yes
15-20 gram sample size Yes
Lab Accurate Analysis Yes
Intelligent Software Yes
Carrying Case Yes
AA Batteries or AC power Yes



Stand alone system
Able to measure grain constituents in the field, in the elevator, on the farm or anywhere you want
Portable Battery or AC powered
Lab accurate results
Requires nearly no sample preparation
Able to be used on most grains and oil seeds
User friendly design
Small sample size allows analysis of small and breeding plots


Stand-alone kit
Part no. System composition
ZX-50SRT Instrument, case, calibration software, users manual, calibration manual, quick start guide, and SRT sample cell for 15-20 grams
Additional Calibrations over 2


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