Portable Ground Meat Analyzer for Fat and Moisture

Zeltex dedicated line of ground meat analyzers
  • 45 second analysis time
  • For analysis of fat, and protein in various ground meat products
  • Custom Calibrations available with lab analyzed samples
  • Able to be calibrated for up to 10 food products
  • Clamshell cup with ziplock bags for slurry and liquid samples
  • Precalibrated for Fat and Moisture in Ground Beef
  • No charge for up to 2 custom calibrations, after that $375 each

For ground meat.

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Solid State Optical System Yes
Clamshell Cup Yes
Zip Lock Bags Yes
Lab Accurate Analysis Yes
Intelligent Software Yes
Carrying Case Yes
AA Batteries or AC power Yes


Stand alone system
Able to analyze Ground Meat at the production line, lab and where you need it.
Portable Battery or AC powered
Lab accurate results
Does not destory the sample
User friendly design


Stand-alone kit
Part no. System composition
Acculean Instrument, case, calibration software, users manual, calibration manual, quick start guide, clam shell cups, multi-pathlength cuvettes, zip lock sample bags
Additional Calibrations over 2


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