Portable Octane/Cetane Analyzer

Portable Fuel Analysis for Government Departments,  laboratories, pipelines, research and terminals
  • 45 Second Analysis with lab accuracy for RON, MON, R+M/2
  • Diesel Cetane Index and Number
  • Ethanol percentage

For State Government regulatory Agencies, pipelines, fuel labs, terminals, research facilities, repair shops, fuel cleaner service providers.  This is a stand alone kit.

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Solid State Optical System Yes
Automatic Fuel Selection Yes
Stores 100 Results Yes
Fixed Printer Yes
External Printer No
Mil Spec Case No
AA Batteries or AC power Yes


Quick and easy lab accurate readings
For analysis on site
Costs pennies per test
Eliminates the need to ship fuel samples to lab
Long field life, average of 7 plus years
Ease of calibration adjustment
User friendly, menu driven interface
Stand alone instrument with ability to upload readings and calibrations to laptop/tablet/PC


Stand-alone kit
Part no. System composition
ZX-101XL Instrument, case, 6 AA Batteries, 5 rolls of printer paper, AC power cord, Calibration software, Users Manual, Quick Start Guide, Calibration Manual.
Diesel Calibration To analyze Diesel Fuel Cetane Number and Index


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