Slurry Analyzers

Real time visualisation of total nitrogen quantity distribuited, possibility to analyze the percentage of nitrogen 8N) phosperus pentoxide (P205), potassium oxide (K20)
agrinir 4.0 sito zeltex

AgriNIR portable analyzer

AgriNIR is also available for pig and cuttle slurry analysis. This version is capable of analyzing the percentage of nitrogen (N), PHOSPHORUS PENTOXIDE (p205), potassium oxide (K2O)

EvoNIR on-board analyzer

Precise application of slurry according to pre-determined crop nutrient requirements and regulations is now possibile using EvoNIR Near Infrared analyzer.
The same EvoNIR system applied to harvesting equipment for crop analysis can be installed on slurry tankers for measuring N,P,K.

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