Handheld NIR Analyzer for fresh forages and silages

Handheld NIR Analyzer for fresh forages and silages
  • X-NIR analizes forages and silages in seconds
  • X-NIR measures the percentage of moisture (dry matter), Starch, Crude Protein, ADF, NDF, Ash, Crude Fat and many other nutrients in seconds
  • The instrument is pre-loaded with NIR calibration curves for 3 ingredients (Crops)
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Multilanguage user interface: 17 languages available
All-in-one analyzer
3 ingredients as standard on each analyzer to pick from more than 50 ingredients available on request by country as a result of Dinamica Generale’s more than 15 years of experience in NIR solutions
Connects to computer via USB port and WiFi
4”3 Touch screen interface let you access all functions with a simple fingertip
Lower operating and maintenance costs thanks to few long life components (i.e. rechargeable battery)
Lightweight and easy to carry everywhere
Strong structure IP64 ideal for operating in any type of weather conditions
NIR Evolution Software: provided as standard with the purchase of each portable NIR analyzer enables for:

  • initial verification of your NIR device.
  • keeping your analyzer always up-to-date (update of calibrations and firmware).
  • reliable predictions thanks to the constant alignment between your NIR analyzer and test lab


QUICK: Never wait to get results again. X-NIR delivers full NIR analysis in less than a minute. The results can be stored in the internal memory of the X-NIR or on a USB stick
SIMPLE: Analysis are performed without sample preparation, no cutting, milling or drying
RELIABLE: Analyze all types of materials from forages to grains to pellets
COST EFFECTIVE: no cartridge, consumables or other expensive accessories every time you analyze
ECONOMICAL: X-NIR directly affects the profitability of the user organization allowing a tremendous increase in number of analysis performed on site without increasing the cost per analysis
EASY TO USE: the X-NIR does not require any specific technical knowledge and it is user-friendly. The operator chooses what he wants to analyze, the ID of the sample and the number of scans he wants to do for every analysis… and then he presses the trigger!


Stand-alone kit
Part no. System composition
X-NIR Battery charger with power supply
2 x Lithium Battery
Usb stick
Check cell
NIR Trace cloud software for statistics
NIR Evolution cloud software for updating, controlling and managing calibrations
Quality Upgrade Pack (Included with the purchase of the machine for the first year) with:

  • Original Spare parts package
  • NIR Trace Cloud software license
  • NIR Evolution Cloud software license
  • 24/7 support service
  • Multi-lingual helpdesk
  • Extended warranty (1 or 5 years) only for those customers who are subscribing to the Quality Upgrade Package together with the purchase of a NIR analyzer
GoCloud Wi-Fi Gateway GoCloud connects AgriNIR with NIR trace and NIR Evolution software for wireless data exchange
Additional ingredient/nutrient


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