Zeltex ZX-101SQ got featured in Petro Online

https://www.petro-online.com/news/measurement-and-testing/14/zeltex-inc/new-advanced-nir-portable-fuel-analyser/54529 fbclid=IwAR0nIMCS6uPiyfBftYG9BHRIX1i9p7vdU4W8i23cFoKfSTy9IXM929u8U4A

ZELTEX announces the latest in their line of ZX-101 Portable Fuel Analysers, the ZX-101SQ.  The ZX-101SQ combines the proven reliability and lab accuracy of the previous model, the ZX-101XL, that thousands of customers currently rely on.  The SQ is upgraded with improved Near Infra-red optics (NIR) as well as a much easier user interface.  Quickly analyses for octane, cetane, percent ethanol, and biodiesel percentages.  This new analyser will enable you to get fast sample analysis to determine your fuel quality at the pump, in the field, or in the lab.

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